SchoolsRule Marin: Raise the Paddle!

On June 28, the 4th annual SchoolsRule Marin Gala was held at the Marin County Fairgrounds. Under the Pavilion Tent, attendees were treated to an evening of entertainment, amazing food, and inspiration – all in the name of raising money for ALL public school students in Marin.

SchoolsRule Marin is a coalition of all school foundation leaders working to raise money in support of enhanced school programs and services in the areas of health, arts, technology and literacy. These funds are distributed equally by student to the school foundations where 100% of every dollar supports students.  The effort has resulted in music classes and programs including a middle school marching band; visual arts programs; additional library hours staffed with bilingual aides; and technology for students whose teachers have received training on how to use the technology in the classroom. This is just a sampling of the amazing opportunities made possible by generous donations to SchoolsRule Marin.

Over the last four years, SchoolsRule Marin has distributed over $1.5 million to schools! The next distribution event is scheduled in October where with the goal of distributing $500,000.

SchoolsRule is honored to be supported by community partner organizations, businesses, and individuals who believe that when ALL students receive a quality education, everyone benefits. Are you in?

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