A Legacy for ALL of Marin’s Students

This past week, I learned of the passing of David Gilmour, a man whose life was dedicated in service to others and who left a legacy in Marin that will live on for generations. While some may know him as the owner of the former Paradise Foods local grocery chain, among Marin educators, he is a quintessential hero for children. On his passing, the Marin County Board of Education and our entire Marin County education community, sends their sympathy, love and gratitude. Marin County has lost a great leader and a kind, generous man.

My first letter to David was to thank him for inviting me to the 1st Annual Prayer Breakfast.  We met in my office and I was captivated, inspired and amazed at his vision and his commitment.  It was clear that he had a passion for helping others and a special place in his heart for children.  Building upon that foundation, we came to be friends and co-workers in seeking equity in education for ALL students.  It was out of his business acumen and his willingness to put his expertise into practical action that “SchoolsRule” became the force it is today in raising additional resources for every student in every public school in our community.

“Devoted husband…loving father and stepfather…proud grandfather…faithful sibling…successful businessman…community leader…philanthropist…friend” are just a few of the words to describe this incredible man.  As we mourn his passing, we will rejoice in his life and his love and pride for his family.  He was a truly remarkable man.

While many will never know all of the good that David did and the lives that were changed because he lived; one thing is certain—Marin County is a safer, healthier, more equitable place because he was here in our community.  There is no greater tribute.



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