Unconditional Support for All Students

In light of recent actions by the President to rescind federal protections for transgender students, coupled by other recent decisions impacting our immigrant students and families, I am reiterating the commitment of Marin’s schools to provide support and protection to ALL students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, immigration status disability and sexual orientation.

Given these uncertain times for many students and families in our community, our schools now and into the future will be places of safety, acceptance and open-mindedness. Our schools will welcome ALL students with respect and dignity and we will work to build a community where diversity is viewed as an asset, and bias and discrimination are a thing of the past.

Additional resources related to school support for ALL students is available online.

In addition, the Marin County Office of Education is hosting a workshop presented by the Anti-Defamation League on March 30 from 1-4pm to focus on ways school leaders can deepen their understanding of bias and become leaders in implementing anti-bias principles into the school culture.

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