Parents: Be the Voice for a Safe and Successful Future

  Less than a year ago, Central Marin Police intercepted a planned excursion by a group of teenagers that could have ended in tragedy. A teen-rented party bus, containing 30 containers of hard alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs, was prevented from taking its planned six-hour tour with the under aged crowd.  Recently, the driver of…

Unconditional Support for All Students

In light of recent actions by the President to rescind federal protections for transgender students, coupled by other recent decisions impacting our immigrant students and families, I am reiterating the commitment of Marin’s schools to provide support and protection to ALL students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, immigration status disability…

Celebrating Our Heroes

During this historic week where history was made with the first female displayed on the ballot for President of the United States of America, I am reminded of just how fortunate we are to live in a country where people have the power to make decisions about their government. We live in an amazing place…

The Children Deserve Better

Imagine if you had a child, a grandchild, family member, friend or neighbor, who attended a school where year after year they and the vast majority of their classmates were performing below the minimal state standards for children their age.  How would you feel knowing that your child, and all these other children will face…

A Legacy for ALL of Marin’s Students

This past week, I learned of the passing of David Gilmour, a man whose life was dedicated in service to others and who left a legacy in Marin that will live on for generations.

You Have to Be Kidding!

A recent incident where 30 teens were caught on a party bus with alcohol, drugs, and fake ID’s sparks a debate about who is responsible and how to prevent these kinds of activities in the future.

SchoolsRule Marin: Raise the Paddle!

On June 28, the 4th annual SchoolsRule Marin Gala was held at the Marin County Fairgrounds. Under the Pavilion Tent, attendees were treated to an evening of entertainment, amazing food, and inspiration – all in the name of raising money for ALL public school students in Marin.